Roser Ros is an international swing dance instructor based in Barcelona, Spain. She teaches lindy hop, aerials and solo jazz in some of the most important Lindy Hop events in Europe, and also teaches regular classes in her home scene, Barcelona.

Outside of Europe, in 2018 she taught for one month in Taipei, Taiwan. In August 2019 she did a tour teaching at the most important Japanese scenes like Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka. Last November she was in Canadá teaching at the SeaSide Shimmy Festival in Halifax with her dance partner Leonardo Ost.

Roser started doing gymnastics when she was 3 years old, and later entered the world of circus. She had been learning different types of dance all this time, until in 2011 she discovered lindy hop, and has been unable to leave ever since.

She has a background in pedagogy, coaching essentials, and education. Before becoming a professional dancer, she was a primary school teacher specialised in physical education.

Roser is a great fast swing dancer. She dances with an energetic and precise style. She’s handy with dips and tricks, and aerials; and together with her dance partner she has developed a method to teach them. She has a vast experience of competitions. She has developed a curriculum to teach students how to compete and prepare them for competitions.

She teaches solo jazz in weekly classes and in festivals. She is part of the team ‘Ksenia & BCN Jazz Dancers’. Has choreographed dance groups, music groups, artists, and videos. Currently she works as a choreographer in a new project with the world-renowned football freestyler, Victor Rubilar.