Lily Thibodeau is Tea for 20’s singer and producer, which we have seen play in several theaters, festivals and renowned swing events in Quebec since 2010. This summer, the group launched “The Dipsy Doodle”, a second album that honors precisely the beginnings of the swing era. Multidisciplinary artist trained in contemporary dance (UQÀM), Pilates (AMP), jazz interpretation, cinema and digital audio production (ULAVAL), she has been performing in the world of dance, theater, music and cinema for twenty years now. As an actress, she lends her voice to several narrative projects and advertising campaigns as voice-over and she plays in Quebec productions such as Fil attente, LOL, Toute la vie and the feature film Hank est en ville. It was therefore natural that she was offered Follow on the Road’s first role, the short-film produced by Followlogie’s team in charge of 2020’s edition. This film becomes an alternative to counter the pandemic and present a poetic and unifying work. Lily also holds the musical direction and sound design of this project, a mandate that allows her to use other strings of her bow while pursuing her mission: to make the world dance by making traditional jazz resonate through the cities.

With her band Tea for 20’s, she launched her second album Dipsy Doodle in Rimouski during 2020 summer, in an outdoor and socially distanced format.

You can listen to her album here.



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