Giselle Anguizola teaches swing dance to people of all ages and levels, providing a self-healing outlet for others to enjoy.  G sings and dances in swing bands as a form of expressive love and entertainment. Giselle has dedicated her life to swing era dances for twenty years. She has been an unmissable voice in the swing dance community as a successful: performer, instructor, competitor, event organizer, social dancer, judge, DJ, and singer/band leader.  She is founder of Girl Jam, an organization honoring women in swing music and dance.  Girl Jams host weekend festivals around the globe, inspiring women of all generations.
She recently won 2nd place in the Virtual Camp Hollywood Solo Showcase division.  Find her dance lessons online, you can follow her on social media.
Giselle has recently devoted herself to combining vintage tap/swing with singing as part of her performance. She’s highly influenced by Cab Calloway, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Amy Whinehouse and loves bringing the music to life. One of the top proponents of syncopated footwork, personal style, improvisation and communication – Giselle will breathe rhythmic life into any dance, class, or stage appearance.
« G », has spent the last five years working as a swing performer – singing and dancing in New Orleans with The New Orleans Swinging Gypsies.  Now residing in San Diego, she never ceases to stop spreading her love for swing culture.  Giselle’s only desire is to instill and inspire the joys of community, passion and artistic freedom to others.
Featured Fred & Elsa Movie, Shirley MacLaine & Christopher Plummer 2013 Jazz Fest, Preservation Hall Jazz Band 2011-2013 After the Catch, TV 2010 My Baby Can Dance, Carsie Blanton music video 2011
Awards Camp Hollywood Hall of Fame, 2017 Best Traditional Jazz Album of the Year, New Orleans, 2019

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