Annie Trudeau

Annie’s passion for dance was first well demonstrated when she chose her career as a dance teacher and performer over her engineering physics degree’s possibilities. She also trained as a competing artistic gymnast when she was a kid/teenager. She co-founded and co-owned Studio 88-SWING in Montreal (Canada) from 2002 to 2018. As the artistic director, she managed and danced in the Montreal Swinging Air Force dance performance troupe and founded and directed SAF Squad for a decade. That team was decorated several times both on the Canadian and International circuit.

She is passionate and enthusiastic as a swing dancer, teacher and competitor both in couple format and in solo. She traveled to more than 15 countries around the world to teach her craft and has been recognized in competition several times in Canada, USA and Europe. She is particularly proud of her 6 consecutive 1st places in Showcase division of the International Lindy Hop Championship in Washington DC from 2008-2013 and her 1st place in the all-around Strictly judged by old-timers at Frankie 95 in NYC. She also danced at the Montreal Jazz Fest with the band Caravan Palace in front of tens of thousands of spectators, was hired as a choreographer for the Cirque du Soleil and Cirque Eloize, and lately for many TV Shows including ”Les Dieux de la Danse” in Quebec.